Truth&Dare is an initiative that creates message-driven items for social messengers. Truth&Dare offers people a simple way to show their support. And an attractive way to share important stories. The goal is to get more people talking and asking questions. However naïve or unpatriotic they seem to others. Because, all said and done, there aren’t any bad questions. Just bad answers.


Truth is worth leaking

The debut collection from Truth&Dare was released to coincide with the trial of Julian Assange, editor-in-chief and main spokesperson for WikiLeaks. #SupportJulian is a series of shirts featuring text from US State Department diplomatic cables. Whatever you may think of Julian, he and his associates, their informers and media partners are equipping individuals everywhere with the information they need to hold people in power accountable for their actions. Or lack thereof.

There aren’t any bad questions. Just bad answers.


Other shirts featured bold statements such as: ‘Information of Mass Destruction’. Telling the story of the war in Iraq that was waged with heavy rhetoric. ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ became an integral part of our vocabulary. The one thing that have been emerged with some clarity, after we’ve combed through WikiLeaks’ Iraq and Afghan War logs, is the number of people that have died on all sides. Civilians. Soldiers. Doctors. Journalists. Relief workers. Children. The mass destruction that’s been unleashed in the hope of preventing it.

Not soon after the launch I was contacted by Wikileaks for a collaboration. To be continued.


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